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OUR methodology

Trinity Software service providers are well versed in web and software development. The kinds of solutions offered are not just limited to mere execution of your requirements. Creativity, talent, and expertise allow Trinity software developers to suggest ways in which you can transform your business. In some cases, if you choose, they can even define your business model.

In developing our project our software execution model makes the project flow easy and transparent to our clients. We adhere to software development life cycle (SDLC) process.

OUR methodology includes
  • Preliminary investigation
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Software Design, Development and Testing
  • Software Integration
  • Quality Assurance
preliminary investigation
This is the initial stage when the requirement collection takes place, our business analyst (BA) will carefully study your requirements and prepare comprehensive proposal. You need to let us know your thoughts and expectations and our analyst will work on your business need and provide solutions and ideas based on your requirement and will prepare document like BRS (Business Requirement Specification) which will have all your mappings and requirement for you to approve
Requirement Gathering
At this stage we will clearly describe your requirement in project documents like the FSD, which is prepared against the BRS. The FSD will describe the product’s performance, technology, design features, time estimation and cost of the project
Software Design, Development and Testing
At this stage, based on the above documents development happens. This is the most important stage where most of the programming, coding and testing takes place
Software Integration
At the product integration stage we define the best possible integration sequence, integrate product component and deliver the product to our clients
Quality Assurance
At this stage we make sure the quality of product is maintained. We make sure the data integrated is maintained and at every level we make sure the client is satisfied with the quality deployed.
To be proactive leader of the global information technology industry, developing easy to use software, cost effective, productive and increase client revenue
To be leading software solution provider, developing software for all the industries and deliver software, beyond the client expectation