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Contact Management system (CMS)
Contact Management System is solution designed to maintain contacts of Business Associates, Friends, Relations & other contact details. The system is designed to store the detailed contact of individuals & business associates. Each contact updated in CSM is categorized based on Contact Type / Category. Multiple contact persion details, contact numbers & notes can be updated/maintained in one place i.e. CMS. Advanced search provided to search based on different search parameters like name, address, category, contact details.

CMS provides users the option to configure mass emailing to send emails to all contacts based on categories. The solutions also provide option for printing address labels for mailing purpose.

Contact Management System provide feature to Import & Export contact data to external file formats like .cvs, excel & word. Export features provides back-up facility to export and store the remotely to avoid data loss / corruption. The data export can be imported i.e. restored back in Contact Managment System.

  • Supports multi-platform database like SQL server, MySQL, Oracle & other RDBMS
  • Client-Server based architecture, very user friendly operations that does not require extensive training for staff on board
  • Highly configurable, set rules & alerts through the admin console provided for administrator
  • The configuration can be done at contact type & category wise
  • Provides Mass Emailing / SMS features
  • Provides option to print mailing address (Official / Residence address)
  • Advanced search features
  • Import and Export contacts in CMS
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Contacts Reports
  • Contact Category-wise Report
  • Export contact details (based on various search option)
  • Import contacts from external files (excel)
  • Emailing Audit Report
  • Print Mailing Address
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